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    In this B-movie, in the climatic heartstopping finale of this $40,000 movie, the aliens are surrounded by 65 Impalas and killed off using the hi-beams.

    For other movie scenes with 65 Impalas, I think Goodfellas had a 65 but the scene was in 64.

    I know there was an episode of Adam-12 where a 65 Impala drove through a garage and crashed.

    Does anyone know of other shows/movies that had a 65 Impala?

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    Well, there was the Overhaulin’ episode of a 1965 Impala.

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    I remember the scene in Goodfellas also. It was when they were waiting to take the truck in the diner parking lot.
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    Dick Washburn

    The 2015 Kevin Costner movie McFarland USA has a white, 1965 Bel Air 4-door in it as well as a 66 SS coupe.

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    Ed Bins

    The Ultimate 66 Impala on Youtube

    Spangenberg’s 8 second Impala street car

    The final run at the end of this short video shows it up on one wheel !

    Spangenberg’s 8 second Impala street car

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