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    Tony Nilsson

    Hi. My name is Tony and I live in Sweden. I have an Impala SS -65 I imported from Arizona, United States. Is there any way to find out the car’s original story with which engine it came with and also the gearbox, rear axle, paint and upholstery. My vincode is 164375L137602 and my plate is Arizona AZK7004. Also, I have trouble to find out the type of engine in the vehicle now. Engine numbers are F0102MA and 3789935. Hope some one can help me. Regards Tony

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    Ed Bins

    According to my Chevrolet books your car is a 1965 Impala, not an SS. Starting with your VIN the number decodes like this:

    1 = Chevrolet
    6437 = Impala 8 cylinder, 2 door sport coupe (an SS would read 6637)
    5 = 1965 model year
    L = Los Angeles , California assembly plant
    137602 = passenger car number 37,602 to roll off the assembly line.

    The 283 does not seem to be original to the car. The 3789935 block was made earlier in the 60’s from 1961 to 1964 and not seen in 1965 models. The F tells the motor was assembled in Flint Michigan, the 0102 tells the month and day of engine assembly: Jan 2nd and the MA says it is a 1963 truck engine. Further identification of the engine block would be the date code cast on the right rear of the block.

    Find a copy of “Chevrolet by the Numbers 1965-169” authored by Alvin Colvin.
    This book covers all the casting numbers and date code information.

    Also a lot of info is on the website: http://www.mortec.com/castnum.htm

    Hope this helps.

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